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Welcome To My Blog

Welcome To My Blog

Intro to me. First, welcome! Second, please visit my “About Me” tab if you want the basics. And now, on with the rambling.

With the exception of writing, it seems that everything I want to be great at, that I enjoy doing and think I should be successful doing, I’m not good at, at all. Let me rephrase, I suck. At a lot of things. I run because I am terrible at all sports. I love tennis. I would love to get my girlfriends together for doubles and have it be a fair match, but I usually drop the ball or miss it when I try to serve, and it’s all downhill from there. And let’s face it, if we’re going to carve time out of our busy schedules for a few hours, it’s going to involve cocktails. Not sports.

Tonight, I plan to make chicken marsala for my husband and daughter, simply because I saw a lovely, glossy photo of a successful chicken marsala dish in a magazine, and I was affected by it. It was so beautifully photographed, with its adorable roasted red potatoes and mushrooms sliding down the sides on some kind of golden sauce, that it made me believe that I will be able to cook this dish, and I don’t have any marsala wine but I can use up what’s left in this Pinot Grigio bottle, and wow my family with the simple elegance and deliciousness of it all…Hubby saw the magazine on the counter, open to that picture, and visibly stiffened.

“Honey, plain baked chicken is fine. You don’t have to go to, er, all this trouble.”

“It’s no trouble. Wait, you think it’s going to be awful. That’s what you’re really saying.”

“No, no, I just think it’s a weeknight, you have a lot of other things to do…”


He slinks away, obviously planning out a late night snack in his head. Something that will be edible and involve peanut butter (I know him well). Hmph.

Perhaps he is remembering last Thanksgiving, when I decided to make a special Thanksgiving feast just for my immediate family, a few days before the extended family celebration, where we do not cook a thing. The damn turkey would not defrost all the way, no matter how long I left it out. Are there degrees of frozen? It was seriously on the kitchen counter for days. Then I reached in the wrong end trying to find the giblets, couldn’t find any (after freezer-burning my hand), and baked them, in their bag, in the bird. Then I couldn’t find the round plastic lid to the sea salt canister. Turns out I baked that in the bird as well. I have no idea how it got in there, I swear. The level of horrendousness of the side dishes didn’t matter after Hubby pulled the salt lid and the bag of giblets out of the correct end of the turkey. We drank enough wine to make it irrelevant.

Anyway. My point is, I want to be athletic, and I want to be able to wow people with my culinary panache. And there are many other things at which I want to excel and just never will. But I keep trying. Perhaps as my daughter chokes down my latest attempt, she will take away that life lesson…?

What the .....?

What the …..?

What the hell am I doing ?

What the hell am I doing ?

Not bad .....

Not bad …..

The “Chicken Pinot Grigio” turned out okay. Well, half of it came out okay. And what I mean by okay is Gordon Ramsey (and my husband, if he dared) would probably have some choice words to say, but my daughter, who thinks I have mental problems (who is aware of my mental problems?) and therefore kindly props me up constantly, said “this is the best chicken EVER.” So there.


  1. Gaelen VanDenbergh |

    Thanks, y’all.

  2. Ok, that pic of you is classic! At least you looked good while cooking and that’s all that matters really? Right? I also kind of suck at cooking and I can’t do sports either. I thought I could maybe…follow along to some dance moves on a Dancing with the Stars workout DVD I have and I failed. I was all stiff and weird and I couldn’t do what they were doing. Info coming in to the eyes didn’t translate to the body, just didn’t work. I can dance on my own though but don’t ask me to be coordinated or follow along. Poor us. We’re just crazy. Love the blog girl!! :)

  3. It really wasn’t as bad as it looks ! Then again it wasn’t Iron Chef material.