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Stuffed #$&*%$(#^$@# Pork Chops.

We just returned from vacation in Key West. Hubby is pestering me to post my blog about the trip and our grueling trip home. I will, tomorrow. Tonight I want to vent about dinner. I bought stuffed pork chops. They were on sale. They looked like most of the work had already been done. I figured, throw them in a pan, what could go wrong? I even hauled out The Joy of Cooking – how can anyone go wrong following a recipe to the letter from The Joy of Cooking?? I did follow the stuffed pork chop recipe. I did. I followed it exactly. I laid my perfectly browned on the outside stuffed pork chops on plates, and cut a chunk of mine off for my wee daughter.

It was raw in the middle. RAW. Why?

I hastily put the chops back in the hot pan, and covered it. Several minutes later, I again plated them, and cut into the other one. Still not cooked. WHY? WHY? At this point I could feel a tantrum coming on, so I threw them in the microwave. They came out cooked this time. Cooked into $#$&%# stuffed bricks. I carried them in and dropped them on the table in front of my family, and yelled “enjoy your stuffed bricks! Let’s say grace!”

My daughter bowed her head. “I’m grateful for the stuffed bricks.”

Hubby: ”I’m grateful for my family.”

Me, still kindof yelling: ”Yes, we should enjoy each other’s company before the food poisoning sets in!”

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