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It Could Always be Worse

Leaving Key West

Leaving Key West

Welcome 2013 Ultimate Blog Party! Grab a glass of vino and come have a laugh with me. Or at me, as the case may be…:)   Home from vacation. Boo. When it comes to flying, I am a count-your-blessings kind of gal. What I mean is, any flight that lands safely is a pretty good flight. What happens on board is often less than delightful, but it could always be worse. There was the flight when I was pregnant and stuck next to a man who was drinking heavily and wouldn’t stop touching my belly while telling me stories of his near-death experiences. There was the flight when I checked all my baggage and therefore had no change of clothes, and my daughter dumped her sprite in my lap. Not on my leg, not on my knees, but you know where, and we had a connecting flight. Yay, embarrassing and uncomfortable. The story of my life, really.


This trip home was, to say the lease, grueling. We arrived in Tampa expecting the briefest of  layovers before our connecting flight home to Philadelphia. The brief layover turned into a three-hour delay. Three hours, with a seven-year-old. Thank you gods of technology, because we plugged her in. She watched movies and stayed happy. The grown ups? Not so much. Hubby was patient. I can’t leave that alone and appreciate it, so I felt the need to remind him that it could always be worse. He looked at me skeptically. A moment later I reached into my purse and said “oh $%#&! Where are the car keys? Didn’t you put them in my bag like I asked you to?” He went pale, and started yammering on about how I never asked him to do that, and why would I take them out of my bag, we’ll never get home from the airport! I smiled sweetly. “See? It could be worse!” He seemed a bit miffed.


When our plane finally took off it was jam packed. There’s the same amount of space regardless of how many seats are filled, but it feels smaller and more cramped when every seat is filled, and someone seated nearby has tummy trouble. And what I mean by that is, someone sitting very close to us was having severe tummy trouble, and there was no escape. What is one to do, in this situation? You can’t exactly open a window, on a plane, or discreetly move away from the fumes. Sir, airport food does not agree with you! And it didn’t stop. Every new onslaught prompted my daughter to yelp rather loudly “oh MAN. Who cut the cheese?” I eyed the overhead containing the oxygen masks. Surely this was a good time for them? Maybe I could pry it open while the flight attendents were in their seats, due to the terrible turbulence we were also experiencing.


The flight landed safely, though. That’s what’s important. And our vacation was lovely, despite a blistering sunburn we all got on our first day. My daughter was old enough for her own bike, this year, rather than one of us having to maneuver the bike with the attached tagalong (which is awkward and heavy and we fell down a lot), and my daughter prefers the company of my mother, in Key West, so hubby and I were able to get out on the town for some night life. And now we’re home. It’s hard to go from bougainvilla and warm, salty breezes to the cold and the litter, but we do what we must. And it could always be worse. Tell me, what was your worst travel experience EVER? Please share.


  1. Hello! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would
    be ok. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

  2. Hi, I log on to your blogs on a regular basis. Your humoristic style is awesome, keep doing what you’re doing

  3. Wow, you’ve had some crazy traveling adventures! I hate flying in general, and my worst flights are the ones where there’s a lot of turbulence. However, last year on the way to Vegas, I did get 2 cups of soda spilled on me when people were trying to maneuver their way to the bathrooms. That was fun!

    • Yes, there is nothing worse than sitting on the plane in wet pants.. most uncomfortable. Thanks for stopping by Lisa !

  4. Oh my – yes, flying is pretty crummy! Our worst was 39 hours from birmingham england to Vancouver. Massive delays with weather – and we were actually in THE AIR, in full motion for 22hrs.
    Oh wait- we also had 3 kids with us (ages 2,5 & 8) and the 2 year old had ear issues – mostly just on take off and landing, but then again we did 12 of those in the 38 hrs. . .

    we hit the bottle hard when we got home!

    • Wow Julie! That is horrendous. I feel for you, and yes having some cocktails after that trip was definitely in order. Thanks for sharing with us I feel bad complaining about my trip now.

  5. I have no story to share about traveling but would like to say I am so sorry you had such a bad time. I hope you have a great week.

    • Glenda…. glad you stopped by..now that it is over it is something I can laugh at and hopefully you enjoyed a good chuckle. Hope you are enjoying the Ultimate Blog Party as much as I am !

  6. OK…. I’m finally making it by for a visit! Was out of town when the party started and finally sitting down to enjoy the party for a while tonight. :)

    So first of all I was excited to get to meet a fellow author. I am sure I am nowhere near you in experience yet as my husband and I published our first recipe eBook a few months ago, as you probably read in our UBP post. But now I am working on a more personal autobiography type of book, which is very different, of course, from our 1st work. I JUST started but I’m excited about it so had to share with someone who likely understands that excitement. :)

    My worst travel experience…. I guess you will be getting ALL kinds of stories and everyone things theirs tops the others right? Well, here goes…

    It was the trip of my first time flying, an international trip to bring my son home through adoption. We were running on adrenaline pretty much. It was the last leg of our flight home, a long flight we had chosen with no layovers… just wanted to get him home as he’d been sick.

    I was in the bathroom changing his diaper when the meal was served. When I came back, they were all out of the American option. Having not gotten vaccinations before the trip, we were careful not to eat raw foods and so I did not eat the Korean option. I also was not drinking enough water and got very dehydrated, not to mention my son only wanted to be held by me the whole flight and that was important because of attachment issues.

    So I began trembling uncontrollably. We were about 40 minutes maybe from landing. The flight attendants brought me tiny cup after tiny cup of water until I let them know that was not cutting it and I was not feeling well. They then brought me a big bottle they were using to fill the tiny cups.

    I asked if they had anything else I could eat. As awful as I was feeling, I knew from the smell if I took a bite of the Korean packaged food they brought I would probably vomit. I asked if they had anything else? They had a pizza stick.

    Nothing was working. I was now physically unable to hold my son and had become very weak. I was worried that I might pass out during the flight and that there was probably no one on-board with medical experience. I prayed and prayed and hoped I would make it.

    Finally, as we landed, they said it was snowing and all flights at the airport where we were landing had been cancelled. Good thing because we knew we would not get on another flight anyway with me in this shape. We would have to rent a car to drive back home, only to find that there were no rentals except for local ones.

    We got a hotel room, and thankfully, my in-laws had begun making their way towards us, knowing we probably would be needing some help. They had no idea about what was going on with me, just about the weather.

    I did not stop trembling completely for days after landing. It was so scary and nothing I ever want to experience again.

    Lesson should I EVER fly again: ALWAYS make sure my carry-in is FULL of snack foods and that I drink plenty of water on the plane.

    Have a fun UBP week and hope you found some recipes to try!

    • Anne….great story glad you shared with the rest of us. That must of been quite the experiences all wrapped into one. Awesome that you adopted !!! Bet you are an awesome mom !!! As far as the author thing is concerned. You were probably published before me so I should be looking to you for advice ! Running Against Traffic is my first novel and it has been a grueling experience for my whole family. My husband, thankful for him, has taken over the PR aspect of getting my name and book out there on the internet and out in the general public. I only hope it can be a huge success ! Isn’t that what all us authors dream of ? By the way, my husband, who is the cook of the family was so impressed with your site and hopefully I will be able to enjoy some of your recipes as he makes them !

  7. Really looking forward to reading your blog especially if you keep telling stories like how you did above ;) LOL

    Had me laughing, and realizing my flights really weren’t all that bad ;0

  8. I have flown more times than I can count. Maybe 100. Maybe more. Most memorable flight? When my daughter yelled “We’re all going to die!” as we hit rough turbulence. She thought it was fun. She was just joking but the other passengers were not happy!

    • LaVonne…wow..and to think I was laughing when my daughter said what she did. Thanks for sharing the story. Kids.. you have to love ‘em

  9. Hi Gaelen! I just found your blog through the UBP, it is my first time participating in a blog party and so far it’s been a lot of fun!

    I am glad to say that so far I haven’t had any terrible travel experiences and I would like to keep it that way!

  10. I wouldn’t dare bore you with my worst travel experience but it involved a Greyhound bus, no reserved seats and a trip from Miami, FL to Kinston, NC. Hello nightmare! I hate flying but I love traveling so, it’s an evil I must contend with. I surfed in from the UBP and I hope you’ll swing by and say hello over at my blog. See you soon!

    • Please do tell the story…you have to laugh at it after the fact. But I could see how the crowded effects of a bus can lead to some uncomfortable situations… I am going to surf on over to your site right now ! Thanks for stopping by !

  11. Why do people think when you are pregnant you are touchable…. I just don’t get it. I remember flying next to a drunk and he kept touching my legs. I was so dumb and naive at the time I didn’t wack him upside the head. Now, he would get it.

  12. Hi Gaelen! Oh man that is one crazy story! “Fumes” on a plane are NO fun. Thanks for stopping by the Lair!

  13. Swinging through with the UBP 2013! Taking a minute to link up and wish you a great day!

  14. Hey there, It’s Angie stopping in from the UBP. Gonna follow you now and come back to you later. Look forward to getting to know you. Enjoy the party.