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Time, Lost and Found

Time has been an issue lately. And when I say lately, I mean for the last ten years. First of all, the old-timers who admonish that it’s fleeting (meaning our time here on earth, not the weekend) are one hundred percent right. And it moves faster and faster the older I get.

Lately I have been trying to cram more and more into smaller windows of time. I give myself deadlines – by November first, I will have x, y, and z completed! Of course November first is a mere two days away, and the following things have happened that have prevented x, y, and z from being completed: I was feeling overwhelmed by x, y, and z and so had to go out with some girlfriends for vodka tonics to discuss it, I’m a mother (‘nuff said) and our boiler just cracked and died leaving us with no heat or hot water until we get it replaced. Meanwhile I’m furiously working on four novels and one is supposed to be released in November.

In order to have more time to write, I clearly must sacrifice other activities, or at least slash the time spent on them. And I think I have come up with the top five things that must go, immediately:

1)      Checking Facebook. I will still check Facebook. But I will limit said checking to twice a day, for ten minutes apiece.

2)      Television. Except for the news in the morning while having my wake up cup of coffee, no more TV.

3)      Cooking, cleaning, laundry and the like.

4)      Grocery shopping and other errands.

5)      Parenting and all activities that go along with.


If anyone out there has other suggestions/advice, please email me at connect@gaelenvandenbergh.com and I will post your ideas to my website.

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