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I am deep into my next novel, Running in Circles, the sequel to Running Against Traffic. Paige Scott is back in Philadelphia, and she is, among other things, wading through the murky waters of her past relationships, trying to make sense of them in order to move forward. It got me thinking about successful relationships - what are the key elements? What are the secrets of the couples who are...

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My Running Buddy

Thanks for teaching me that a beautiful day should never, ever be wasted inside on the couch, and thanks for your contagious enthusiasm and companionship. Thanks for running with me for eleven years. RIP, Bubba. Twitter

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Why I Run

As the best running season is slowly enfolding, the season when the sky lightens while I am out there in the mornings, and the birds awaken and sing as my spirit awakens and sings, and I can feel the cool morning air against my arms and legs because I’m not bundled into layer upon layer of long clothing to keep out the chill. It’s magical. It’s invigorating. Everything in my...

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Zombie Apocalypse !

     A few weeks ago my dear friend Gordon asked me to run a race with him. I love races. I race often (or, I used to race often). This was a different sort of race, however. We were signing up to be chased be zombies. Er…Okay…? After reading and giggling over the website information, including the fact that this race originated in Philadelphia (of course it did…Leave it to...

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Oatmeal what?

Aaaah…It’s almost grilling season. That magical time of the year when Hubby takes over the cooking. When I can sip a cold glass of white wine on the patio, my bare toes resting on the warm bricks, watching my daughter flit about the yard building fairy houses. The kitchen remains clean. Dinners are fresh and tasty. We all slow down. We take a little more time to enjoy the lingering...

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