the 23 best cooking gadgets that will transform your cooking

Every cook (well or not-well) needs the right tools and gadgets to make magic happen in the kitchen. They don't have to be expensive or complicated, but you're going to blow up like a dead fish without them

Even though you have to buy these gadgets, they will almost certainly save you money in the long run. In the end, cooking from zero is much cheaper than buying ready-made dishes, and you will be less tempting if you can prepare a gale in the kitchen!

This list reveals some of the best kitchen secrets-we're all good

Best and most useful cooking gadgets

When we did the polling

How many times have you come home from a long time-or a short one about this-and thought you couldn't get ready to cook, even though you were hungry?

Although, again, the possibility of capture may seem like a tempting offer, with a slow cooker, which you can simply throw away the raw ingredients in the pot in the morning, leave it for a day and enjoy a tasty and cheap trapey on your return

Minimal efforts are guaranteed-especially if you are ready to create an extra quad for some of them

For many great slow recipes of culinary recipes, check it out

You may be surprised to see a flat board on our list of cooking gadgets, but this thing is made out of some magical material and maybe there is

We all know how irritating it is to come home to make dinner just to understand that you forgot to take off your chicken. Well, it's a waste of money

In our rather unscientific tests, we found this

To be honest, until you buy one, you will not appreciate the importance of modern science

Feeling healthy? Do you feel lazy? The mood or the mood can be easily done if you arm yourself with a blender. Whether you want to fill in the soup or a cocktail, all you have to do is fill some of the ingredients and press 'on'

Blends also make a surprising addition to a party where you can really be hushed up

Lung and clean, we like it

The container also doubles as a bottle, so you can save on washing and enjoying your verbs!

Curghetti bolognese, anyone? Or how about some noodles, like noodles and butterflies?

The cover is doubled as a food mushroom, which is useful, but since the spikes do not always boast potatoes, we found that the easiest way to use our hands (though it means you must spend a large piece because the less is the risk of the spiral of your finger)

If after something larger (and less demanding to the muscles of the old hand), you can expect to pay a little more (about

Or for the super lazy of you, that

Before we use a manual speeder, we

However, when we used it for the process of bonfire and functioning

We all like to think that we can swim through our culinary life without relying on cooking scales, but it's a huge mistake. Luckily, it is

Cherry on top? Unlike other scales, this kit is just a flat plate that makes it a million times

It's pretty obvious when you think about it, but cooking is making your food hot, and taking it with your fingers is a burning way to Bern Central

Fiddling with the standard cuttley is likely to end in the same way, with added risk to drop your business on the floor and scram the surface of your favorite scrotum

Stop the problems before you start with them

George Foreman is a compact grill

It might sound like a legcomus expense, but if you can spare it now

In addition to the light (and healthy) way to grill, George Forman can double and sandwich-press. It means you can mate with more adventurers with a more adventurative combination, like a panini or a siabatta

Just remember that the press/sandwich-sandwich is not the kind of thing to shout at. The cheaper models carry a higher risk of fire, and you will have to deal with a weak plastic flavor that will spoil everything you're cooking in it

We're in the 21st century! So why sweat a carrot when you can get a car to do it for you? And why do you want to do pasta with your hand when all you need is the buttons? And no

Just think-you can bake all the cake that GBBO-worthy, simply flapping the ingredients and allowing the machine to perform hard work. And in fact, you can end one of them

Everybody loves chips, right? However, there are three problems:

She easily produces incredible butter chips and confiding in us

If you don't want to cut the potatoes manually, you can pick it up

Oh, and just to clarify, air freyers can do loads of different things-not just chips! We tried

Maybe it's a few attempts to make his food perfect, but we can say it was blind

Coffee maker

It's easy to use, even easier to clean, and the result is just as good as coffee with a 5,000-thousandth of a coffee machine-every time

If you want at least

Unlike most of the trains that are usually oval, this is essentially an ideal circle (hence the "compact" part). However, we would argue that we are still

Not only can you capture him for 25 pounds, but we, when we tried one for ourselves, were delighted to find that he also appeared with a rice paddy! It's perfect if you're always fighting for rice not to be too hot or hot

As well as making your stuff and rice to perfecting, you can also use it for a couple

If you need anything

Or, if you want more comprehensive, we'd recommend it

Pirex measures a jug

It is very well known how much it weighs when you follow instructions, but unfortunately the same rules do not apply to liquid

The use of cups to guess the amount of liquids can be a complex territory, and this is not, of course, a stupid proof! Let me introduce you to miracles

Moreover, unlike the plastic kushins, you can stick a pyrex in a microwave or an oven to heat things without melting or marking

But unfortunately, it is also true that if you hand garlic manually, you run the risk of getting the smell all over your hand (and if you've never done it before, believe us when we say it

That is why garlic press is such a necessity, and according to (many) good people of the Internet

We didn' t try every garlic, but we did

Yeah, we know. It sounds like the most boring and ridiculous thing that has ever been invented, but you have clearly not experienced this abomination

As soon as you start using one of these babies, you'll understand

And you can stay here

There is nothing more depressing than making the perfect pizza, and then to wash it with a blunt knife or a novelty pizzeria, which is all style and no substance, especially if you went to work

The cheap and brilliant solution is to invest in some pizza scissors!

These bad guys are tempting according to your needs in the pizzeria, and if you're feeling fantastic

If this invention ever began to cry, it's a kitchen knife for every job

Unfortunately, the multi-purpose knife has not yet materialized, so we have to tell you that you can't cut bread with a vegetable knife

No, really, you can't. The type of blade, such as a knife, with a jagged or smooth, is important when you cut the various types of food

What's more, a

Digital meat thermometer

Dry chicken and roasting beef are both numerous and serious atrocities in the world. But to be honest, if you're something like us, then the cooking meat is sometimes the only way to make sure you don't catch the unpleasant bout of food poisoning. Well, not anymore!

If you don't know what the optimum temperature is for what you're ready, Google will help you quickly

Soups, sauces and other types of alcohol can be very chards to get from the frying pan to the bowl without any serious stiletto

That's where it is

So many great gadgets at such low prices. Ikea, we love you

A set for a glass furnace

So, you have a pitcher of jug, but why stop there? Take it easy on those special dishes you can handle

These bags let you transform your sandwich into a tie by just drinking it in your bag and your bag right in your toaster

As soon as you give this bash, you'll probably never eat a normal sandwich at home, and that's okay ' cause these things are cheap, like everybody else. You can have it

Don't put your mouth on it

If we make a list

Either you slap your face or you'll just do it

As soon as you experience the joy of thirst in the nelike (and how easy it is to clean up afterwards), you never look back!

Freezable containers

In a spirit of efficiency, cost savings and health, some of them are worth picking up

Double your share to save a little dollar and eat the rest in the fridge/freezer for the day you just don't work for something. Take it easy

Double gloves

Last but not least, we present to you the absolute staples of any good cuisine:

That's all we're talking about

You can stop using tea towels to remove things from the oven now

There are literally hundreds of amazing things that could make up this list, but we have chosen our first peaks based on previous experience, in terms of the fact that most student kitchens are missing, the great value and the overall utility of making life easier

But please share your suggestions