How to keep food in the fresh air

Purchases in bulk-or at least a shopping mop in the supermarket-instead of throwing pieces and pieces every day

But if one day, two things are going to be braided, you'll either say goodbye to savings or five times more food than usual, so you can avoid pain by watching her rot

So how can you save money and not spend on food? And so

15 ways to make food longer

Don't be too stubborn about the best dates

One of the biggest misconceptions about the food industry is that you can't eat food after the best date. Oh, really? Actually, it is

The best so far (except for eggs) is simply telling us how long the product will be in bloom, and in many cases it tastes just dandy after that

While the whole thing is about how to look at food and use your common sense to see if it can be done, the general rule is that it will be normal for a couple of days than what is written on the label

Just saying, there's food after it's there

Remember what's best before you use it

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It's perfectly normal that there are things after a better date, because this particular date simply refers to what the producer thinks the food is in its bloom. But with the dates you're supposed to

Using by date is more a security measure to give you an idea of when food can be potentially dangerous for food

With such "high risk" products such as meat, fish and dairy products, it is always better to be on the safe side and throw it away if the use date has passed. Food poisoning is not fun!

I mean, using dates doesn't beat the minute the clock strikes at midnight. If your milk wasn't yesterday and only 7:00, it's probably still okay. Just be careful

Cook him or freeze him

If your food is on its way, and you don't want to spend it, make it up to something that can be stored longer (even if your cooking version simply includes it

For example, if your mink's about to get down, turn it into spamming, and he'll keep it in the freezer for another week, because the meat will be boiling

There's an equal amount of vegetables on the way out for a good soup. Check it out

Otherwise, he'll throw him in the freezer! Even the most oil things you can think about are probably completely free -- so much that we've written

Let the cheese breathe

There is a tendency to think that the best way to keep the cheese fresh (and that it doesn't stink all the refrigerator/the whole flat part) is to turn it into a pretty and right

You're not wrong about what you think you should dismember, but pay attention to it

Short answer:

Some say that it also helps to put cheese in a dish towel, which has some vinegassus, as it works to kill any bacteria forming on the surface of the cheese

Flying grass like flowers

Keeping the grass fresh for a longer life is very difficult. If we are honest, how many of us can say that we have managed to use a whole bunch of fresh herbs before they slip away and slip away?

Everyone has a way to keep the grass fresh, some of them swear

One more option

Otherwise, you can also

Foil the broccoli in the tinfoil

The wrappings of your celery or broccoli in tin foil is the perfect way to keep it fresh and crisp-and in the refrigerator it can hold out that way

This is because the tin foil will keep the vegetables clean and fresh, but it is porous enough to allow any ethylene (hormone vestment) to escape

Keep onions in tights

Finally came the day-you finally found practical application for all these completely unwearable panty hose!

No matter how you feel, how you feel that you will put this plan into action by keeping the onions in the old pair of tights and hanging them in the dark closet, they can make them

Keeping them in a dark place and giving them as much air as possible is the key to making them the last, so bind the knot in the tights between each sidewall will make it even more effective

We're berries in vinegary

Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blackberries ... Whatever your services are, wash them in vinegurus and three parts of water before putting them in the refrigerator

It would kill any bacteria that's already on the fruit, so the odds of something growing on it while it's in the fridge are much lower

And don't worry-until you hold your decision correctly, you will not taste vinege!

Lemon on the avocado

The question is as old as the time itself: how long does it take to keep avocados before they go bad?

Avocados is one of those irritant fruits that are almost impossible to get on their ideal stage-they are either hard as a rock or they are missing on the bad brown scene

The trick with the salmon is to let them

If you have half of it, you leave a stone in and

A kitchen towel store

As in the case of fresh herbs, keeping the salad leaves at best is one of the things that everyone has a method that they swear

However, the overall consensus is that the less moisture, the better

We tested and tested all the methods and found that storing leaves (dried as much as possible, first of all) in a container or food bag, with a piece of cooking rolls to pick up any excess moisture, is the most effective

Just remember to change the dish towel every few days to keep it dry! And even if he looks a little wilful, the salad is actually pretty easy

Keep the bananas away from everything

Bananas are the most pathetic of the fruit-to separate the banana from their brothers and sisters, and you will see that it will be sad and brown faster than you expected

The key is to keep them as a group, and to go one step further, wrapping the constable stems firmly in a chain-chain (the removal and repackaging are tightly tight every time you remove one of the heaps)

This should prevent the stem from flowing to the rest of the bananas, and probably can help the bananas for the last five days

Bananas make more ethylene than any other fruit, so the best

Freeze the spring onions in bottles

Credit: Karen Kleis

How's the spring onions in your salad? Of course you're human. But it seems almost impossible to get through the whole bunch before they're brown and rude

Run the onions for the last few months, knock them out, leave them to the end

As long as there is no moisture when you close the bottle, you can easily shake out a few portions each day, without having them stuck together and without a freezer

Remove roots from root vegetables

Carrots, turrets, parsnips, bistro ... If you are inclined to go to the organic root century with its roots, then all of this is very good and good, but make sure you remove the roots as soon as you return home

Healthy and heartbreaking, when they look at their green, are still tied, really

Not a tomato clan in the fridge

You probably said that many times, but still the fight has to be convinced-keep your tomatoes away from the fridge? What are you doing?

Like avos, the maintenance of the tomatoes in the fridge does not allow them to sing, which means they can be a little harsh and watery directly from the cold (especially if you went to the larger supermarket of tomatoes, which tend to turn pale and look)

However, if they are already bright red and very ripe to eat, they can overwhelm the rotting process

Leave your tomatoes out of the refrigerator (but in a cool place) will allow them to be appalled and for aromas to develop, but if you do not plan to eat them for a few days, it is still worth it in the refrigerator to postpone the ripening process until you are ready

Keep the mushrooms in the paper bag

One more of the best

Most offer to keep them wrapped in paper or paper bag to minimize moisture levels as they remain clean and dry as the key to the mushroom longevity