16 surprising products that you can (and cannot) freeze

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There is a reason that you usually have to fight for the freezer space in every student house-not only frozen food is usually cheaper than fresh food, but the freezing of balances can have a meal

Of course, it's not just the remains and the peas that can go into the freezer-you can freeze a whole range of products, and that

And also, there are a few products that will die horrifying death by putting them in a freezer. So we saved you a halle (and the potential

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The food that can be frozen

A baked goods like cakes, flakins and cookies

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If you are ever in the rare position that you have leftovers of cake, flakes, cupcakes, or cookies, don't worry-you can freeze the cake and other baked goods!

Just wrap your tasty treats into the clutching film and throw them into the freezer, and then when you feel you can

It's amazing you can freeze too. Just make your dough, split the pieces and (again) freeze them in the chain-films

At any time, when you wind up a bun, remove the dough from the freezer and kick it out in the oven-it will still rise as if you made a dough fresh in that morning!

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Milk can be frozen and

All you have to do is make sure the bottle's got it

You can keep your milk in the freezer for up to three months, and you have to give it day to defrost the refrigerator before you consume

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Theoretically, you can freeze any type of cheese, but we would recommend it first to achieve the best results

As long as you hold the grated cheese in a sealed bag or container, it will not be compromised, as the moisture will be limited to freeze it together

Put some of your cheese on

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You can freeze bananas in any condition and for any purpose

If they start to get brown, they're in the freezer with the skin. Then you can defrost bananas later to use for cocktails or banana bread, or just wave them and put them in the porridge

You can also use frozen bananas as a healthy alternative to ice cream! Put them on

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Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry-whatever you love, the fact remains that you can freeze the berries, and there is no real reason

Moreover, it is also much cheaper to freeze and eat berries. For example, a 400g packet from a frozen blueberg will offload 2 pounds in Tesco (5 lbs per 1 kg), while the best box of fresh bluebergs is worth 98p only for 125g (7.84 pounds per kg)

And with that in mind

Frozen berries are particularly surprising in smoothies and fresh juices, and mixing them into porridge becomes a winner every time. Don't worry, if you think it will be too difficult to mix-extra water in a frozen berry means they can easily break into porridge for great taste and texture


The eggs do not have a very long shelf life, so many people avoid buying them in bulk. But as long as they can't be kept in the shell for a long time (even if you're drinking them, they're good for a few hours), you can freeze your eggs if you

Best way to keep an egg in the fridge

You can use frozen eggs for baking, omelette, egg, egg, toast-toast, the only thing that would be out of the cards

You can also put most egg products in the freezer, which means you can freeze such things as eggs and eggs, ideally, if you rush in the morning!

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It's always irritating when supermarkets sell garlic only in 3 packs, making it almost impossible to get through the cloves before they start sucking green left, right, and center

Luckily, you can freeze the garlic! Just put your onion

If you have already cut the garlic, do not worry-it will be stored in the freezer in olive oil (olive oil does not freeze so you can select pieces if necessary)

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So the fact that you can freeze the bread may not be a surprise for many students, but we felt that it should be included as someone missing on this blind information could be

All you have to do is put your bread in the freezer before it starts to cradle, and then you'll be able to take a bite, just like when you need it

The bread should take about an hour or so to defrost, or if it's too long for you, the priest

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In the freezer it is very good to put grapes, and we would even argue that frozen might be the best way to enjoy them!

First of all, you can use frozen grapes

But our favorite use of frozen grapes is just to eat them all. Their taste and texture

Grass and grass

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The fact that you fit in the freezer is very helpful because it's hard to find a small size or a supermarket

Our top tip to freeze chili and herbs is to stifle your fresh leftochies and put them in

Oh, and you can use the same technique to freeze the spring onions (lettuce) and ginger!

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As in the case of bread, you will not be surprised by many of you that you can freeze pasta, but worth mentioning in case you are not aware of this age-old student life

Now, of course, we're talking about

Whether you cook spaghetti, pincennes, lasagna, or any other type of paste, it is best to make sure that it is prepared

So you're cooking lasagna or one of ours

Alcohol (but only certain species)

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Although this is a rare event to start a bottle of wine and leave it unfinished, it can happen-and it can be irritating, the wine quickly goes pretty fast as soon as it's open

The good news is you can freeze the wine, and it works best

Note that you can also supply

Some drinks freeze better than the others, so you should probably Google it before you're on ice, but once you've got it

Food you can't freeze

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Okay, we get this, this alcoholic chat is digestion a little bit of "food," but we're sure you'll agree it's as important!

The beer freezes rapidly and expands, as it does. This means that you could put an end to an exploding ice breaking everywhere, potentially wrecks of freezers, and, in the case of beer bottles, glass shrapnel all over the store

You will not only lose your precious log, but the smell will linger for centuries, and make you poop every time you go to the freezer

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Unlike the drink, there's a good chance you'll open a salad bowl and don't finish it once. Unfortunately, you can't freeze the salad as high as water in vegetables. It could cause a freezer burn, which makes the vegetables cheap

This applies to cucumbers, tomatoes, reais, lettuce and other salad vegetables, but pay attention to this

Some can be used if you plan to use them only for them

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Despite the name of the famous sweet treats, you can't freeze yogurt-at least not all yogurts, anyway

If you really want to freeze yoghurt, it is worth doing so that one of them is a cremless and complete-just a warning that it will still be losing its smooth texture if you try to defame it to enjoy the conventional yogurt again

And if you're reading all this to learn how to make your own frozen yogurt, we have

Frozen yoghurt is frozen in a special order that makes sure that the water doesn't crystallise, so you really will fight to do this at home

While you may have had no jelly since you were a child, some of the best desserts have a jelly, so it's definitely worth mentioning here

Unfortunately, you can't freeze Jell-O. We will not go into science-the specifics of all this, but in fact, the chemical bonds that make gelatine are broken when you freeze the jelly, that is, it becomes

Even worse, it means that the desserts that contain the jelly, the type

With a plus, if you just want to eat the jelly itself, it is usually packaged as a few smaller cubes of gelatin, which lasted forever (almost). This means that whenever you experience nostalgic treatment, you should always use as much gelatin as you need